Wwii Japanese Imperial

Type > Katana

  • Wwii Japanese Imperial Army Officer's Samurai Sword Katana Signed By Yoshi Michi
  • Wwii Japanese Showa 18-year Type3 Sword Nihonto Katana Imperial Japanese Army Ww
  • Wwii Imperial Japan Samurai Katana Shin Gunto Signed Kanemasa
  • Ryujin Imperial Gunto Wwii Repro Katana Sword With Certificate And Cleaning Kit
  • Wwii Imperial Japan Shin Gunto, Showato Blade Signed And Dated
  • Wwii Imperial Japanese Koto Katana, 17century Blade, Colonel Tassel, Silver Kamon
  • Wwii Imperial Japanese Koto Katana Early Type 94 Koshirae, 17century Blade