Wwii Japanese Imperial

Japanese Empire WWII Era 1940's Imperial Aviator Naval Statue

Japanese Empire WWII Era 1940's Imperial Aviator Naval Statue
Japanese Empire WWII Era 1940's Imperial Aviator Naval Statue
Japanese Empire WWII Era 1940's Imperial Aviator Naval Statue
Japanese Empire WWII Era 1940's Imperial Aviator Naval Statue
Japanese Empire WWII Era 1940's Imperial Aviator Naval Statue
Japanese Empire WWII Era 1940's Imperial Aviator Naval Statue
Japanese Empire WWII Era 1940's Imperial Aviator Naval Statue
Japanese Empire WWII Era 1940's Imperial Aviator Naval Statue
Japanese Empire WWII Era 1940's Imperial Aviator Naval Statue
Japanese Empire WWII Era 1940's Imperial Aviator Naval Statue
Japanese Empire WWII Era 1940's Imperial Aviator Naval Statue
Japanese Empire WWII Era 1940's Imperial Aviator Naval Statue

Japanese Empire WWII Era 1940's Imperial Aviator Naval Statue    Japanese Empire WWII Era 1940's Imperial Aviator Naval Statue

Antique Statue naval Navy WWII Era Estate Sale 1940's Estate Sale of Collector. One person thought it was a statue from the Empire of Japan, Chiran naval aviator, Imperial Japanese Navy WWII; however, the sailor/aviator on the statue smiling, and the majority of the photos I recall seeing were very serious, I'm not sure that person was right. I do think it's from that Era, the 1940's... It's absolutely metal, I can see a'seam' (from a mold)... It is NOT magnetic, and it'has some TONE' (rather than a'thud') so we're pretty sure it's old school bronze, with a bit more cooper.

The'character' leaning against the anchor appears to be of Asian decent, but could be just about anything. We are not experts, so take our guesses with a grain of salt.

IF it was from WWII, the naval air service was one of the most potent air forces in the world. We couldn't find anything else like it, haven't any clue about the maker, or subject, and are speculating on the age based on the style and design. It could be much older than the 80'ish years we think...

And it might not actually have been made in Japan. Some history we found while trying to gather info on this piece.

Nearly all of the Japanese fighters were sent to the bottom of the sea by the war's end, but not before going down in history as one of the toughest and most dedicated. "Kamikaze" became a household phrase, denoting "THE LAST GREAT ACT OF DEFIANCE" and officially a part of the Japanese Special Attack Units, who flew suicide attacks for the Empire. The efforts of about 3,800 kamikaze pilots, who died during the war, and costing the lives of more than 7,000 allied forces killed by kamikaze attacks. And the Japanese ACTUALLY DID have both some small fugo bombs and even some real people ON AMERICAN SOIL (Oregon & Washington, and off the coast of California) during WWII. Look up, "Japanese landed in Oregon during WWII" if you're interested in the topic...

Something the majority of American's were NEVER TAUGHT in school, even if you were FROM THAT AREA. See Photos - Came from an estate sale, was kept in a display cabinet, don't know else anything about it. EXCELLENT USED CONDITION, though the'felt bottom was removed' prior to our acquisition. It came from the daughter of a collector, and she didn't know anything about it, other than it was'around' as long as she could remember, and her grandfather served in WWII.

There are some small scuffs and scratches, as one should expect for an item that is likely over 80 years old. No known abuse or issues.

No stains, flaws, or issues to note that aren't in the photos. Ready for a new home. Reasonable offers will be considered... So, if you really want this, what is it worth to you? Japanese Empire WWII Era 1940's Imperial Aviator Naval Statue.

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  • Country/Region of Manufacture: Japan
  • Theme: Militaria
  • Modified Item: No

Japanese Empire WWII Era 1940's Imperial Aviator Naval Statue    Japanese Empire WWII Era 1940's Imperial Aviator Naval Statue